Treatment for Depression:

Recovery from Depression is Possible

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Symptoms of Depression

Some of the symptoms of depression are:

  • anxiety, irritability or agitation
  • apathy or hopelessness
  • social isolation
  • loss of interest in life
  • inability to feel pleasure
  • mood swings, or excessive crying & sadness
  • insomnia, early awakening or restless sleep
  • general feeling of exhaustion
  • loss of appetite or excessive hunger,
  • thoughts of suicide
  • weight gain or weight loss


Here's what healing from Depression looks like:

The main indication that you are depressed anymore will be that you feel better!

  • You have hope
  • You may have good and bad days, but that’s a temporary feeling not a constant state
  • You enjoy activities
  • You’re sleeping more normally
  • You feel good about yourself
  • You enjoy relationships again
  • You have hobbies and activities that are interesting and exciting to you
  • Work seems absorbing and interesting again
  • Joy returns

If you’re depressed, please don’t suffer alone in silence. Depression is very treatable, and for 40 years I’ve been helping people successfully overcome depression.

The time it will take you to recover from depression will vary. A big factor is how long you’ve been depressed. Also whether there’s a family history of depression. Each person is unique.

The use of alcohol (which is a depressant) can make it more difficult to overcome depression.

Exercise is a helpful component. Learning to have relationships with people that are not overwhelming or controlling. Learning to identify what is a double bind situation in your life, where you feel stuck. This can often lead to depression.

Depression is a treatable condition that is often helped with therapy. It can be a complex condition with no one single solution. Sometimes the longer you wait to get help the more stubborn it is to leave.

Please take a look at the blog posts below, and make an appointment to begin taking the right steps to beat depression.

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Hope. Heal. Connect.

With Therapy for Depression that's focused on Results
On the other side of our time together, our goal is for you to experience:

Increase in Hopefulness

Return of Normal Sleep Patterns

Enjoyment of Work Hobbies & Activities

Self Esteem Increases

Enjoyment of Social Activities and Relationships

End Result:

a more fulfilling, enjoyable life

The end result is to help you make step by step changes that result in a more fulfilling, enjoyable life.

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