Anger Management Therapy

Get Help Dealing with Anger Issues.

You May Need Anger Management Therapy if:

You may consider Anger Management Therapy when you:

  • Have had trouble on the job because of your temper
  • Become angry thinking of the bad things people did to you in the past
  • “Fly off the handle” easily
  • Your anger has led to any sort of criminal or civil wrongdoing
  • Find it very hard to forgive someone who has hurt you
  • Find waiting for other people extremely annoying
  • Have anger towards yourself after losing your temper
  • When you get angry, you say things you later regret saying
  • Some people are afraid of your bad temper

Here's what healing looks like:

  • You’re able to stay calm so that you don’t lose your job.
  • You’re able to communicate assertively rather than aggressively
  • You’re going through life in a more relaxed manner
  • You’re able to stay calm so your children can have a good example
  • Your relationship with your spouse is improved
  • Relationships with close friends and relatives improve


Most people realize they need help with managing their anger because there’s been a situation where their anger got out of control.

Very often people think they need to control their anger by putting a lid on it, but this normally doesn’t work very well. Anger is an emotion we need, but it comes from anxiety and frustration with your life. In general it will bubble over if you just try to suppress it.

IMPORTANT: We do not provide “Court-mandated” anger management – that is something different altogether. While we can support you while you complete your court mandated program, mental health therapy does not fill that requirement.

The length of time it takes to learn to manage your anger often depends on your family history, and how long you’ve been experiencing these feelings of anger and rage.

The first step is for you to face the things you get angry about, and to figure out whether you have control over these things. You don’t really have any control over how someone else thinks, behaves, or treats you.

Secondly it’s looking at how you can better control your life and manage your feelings of hurt, anxiety and frustration before they bubble over into anger. Sometimes people need to make big changes in their life and they have to weigh the cost of these changes.

It is best to start with once a week appointments. How long this takes before we shift to interval appointments depends on how quickly and consistently you can learn to manage your frustration, resentment and anxiety.

It is possible that this could be ameliorated in a few sessions, depending on how quickly a person can implement the designated changes in behavior and emotions that are needed.

Coming regularly to appointments helps to make Lifestyle Changes more permanent as opposed to simply suppressing your anger issues currently. This can be discussed at the first appointment

I have 50 years of experience helping people who have gotten themselves into difficulties because of anger management issues.

First we look at how long the anger problems have been there and what possible causes there are. Secondly we look at the correlation between anxiety and anger. Reducing a person’s anxiety help them to better regulate their frustration and anger.

Relationships are one of the main sources for a fulfilling life. Learning to manage your anger and frustration will help you with all relationships, but especially with your most intimate relationships.

Anger problems are an indication that your life is not totally fulfilling to you, and that positive changes could improve things for you. Learning to regulate your anxiety, frustration and anger will certainly lead to a more fulfilling and wholehearted life.

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Hope. Heal. Connect.

With Anger Management Therapy that's focused on Results
On the other side of our time together, our goal is for you to experience:

Communicating assertively rather than aggressively

Living life in a more relaxed manner

Living a More Relaxed Lifestyle

Improved relationship with your spouse

Improved Relationships & Connectedness

End Result:

a more fulfilling, enjoyable life

The end result is to help you make step by step changes that result in a more fulfilling, enjoyable life.

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