Marriage Counseling

Make Your Marriage the Best it Can Be

Signs You May Need to See a Marriage Counselor

A few indication your marriage is in trouble:

  • Frequent arguments
  • You keep secrets from each other
  • You don’t share thoughts & feelings on a deep level
  • More focus on the children than each other
  • You’re considering having an affair
  • You’re critical of each other
  • Spending less time together
  • You’re building emotional walls
  • You’re quick to become defensive when your spouse tries to talk things over
  • You argue about the same subjects over & over
  • You’re drifting apart emotionally

Here's what healing looks like:

  • You’re having fun together
  • You feel respected & cared about
  • You feel safe & comfortable sharing your deepest feelings & thoughts
  • You cuddle & touch often¬†(sexual and non-sexual)
  • You genuinely like to see your spouse happy & vice versa
  • You share the decision making about finances

Research shows that normally when a couple comes in for counseling, they have been having problems for an average of 6 yrs. Don’t wait that long – coming in sooner tends to shorten the amount of time needed to get your marriage back on track.

After consistent marriage counseling, you should expect to gain a better understanding about what it takes to have a good marriage. You will learn what you need to focus on to improve your marriage.  And you will learn constructive ways to meet your own needs when your spouse is unavailable or unwilling to meet those needs.

Increasing the positive encounters with your spouse is the most important thing you can do to improve your marriage. Recent research shows if you want to stay married, it takes 5 positive interactions to offset one negative interaction. So it may sound simplistic, but studies show increasing your positive interactions (even small ones – a kiss, a loving touch, a wink) is key to staying married.

Let’s work together to make your marriage the absolute best and most fulfilling it can be for both of you.

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Hope. Heal. Connect.

With Marriage Counseling that's focused on Results
On the other side of our time together, our goal is for you to experience:

Increase in fun times togeter

Greater mutual respect & caring

Increase in ability to share your deepest feelings & thoughts

More frequent cuddling & touching (sexual and non-sexual)

Greater sharing of decision making about finances

End Result:

a more fulfilling, enjoyable life

The end result is to help you make step by step changes that result in a more fulfilling, enjoyable life.

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