Addiction Counseling:

Get help dealing with Addiction

Addiction Symptoms:

Some of the main signs you’re struggling with addiction:

  • Sneaking around
  • Lying about what you’ve been doing
  • Loss of interest in what you normally love
  • Agitation, mood swings
  • Denial
  • Isolation
  • Loss of Control (indulging more, or for a longer time, than you had planned)
  • Increased tolerance
  • Defensiveness
  • Financial Problems
  • Withdrawal symptoms

Here's what healing looks like:

  • You are able to face and enjoy your life instead of numbing your pain
  • You’re better connected with life and feel more alive
  • You’re more connected with the people in your life
  • Less anxiety & fear
  • Feeling more in control of your life


If you have a substance abuse or behavioral issue out of your control, or if your friends and family are suggesting that you might need help, chances are you have a problem.

There are many ways to treat addictions. Determining the right approach begins with an assessment with a counselor. We can quickly help you determine if treatment or a support group like AA or NA is needed, make recommendations, and support you and walk with you through the whole process.

IMPORTANT: If you are actively using, and aren’t interested in stopping, mental health treatment or counseling isn’t for you. It’s impossible for a therapist to help you deal with your feelings if you are numb! You have to be emotionally present and able to feel your feelings in order to heal.

Being free from an addiction won’t happen overnight, but it can happen a lot sooner than you think, assuming you commit to your recovery. An individual must deal with the root of their issue in order to overcome any problem. With engagement, a person can manage a problem rather than succumb to all the pain that comes with it.

By having an open and honest discussion about the addiction, an individual can open up the doors to enjoying life without the need for a substance of any sort.

There are many ways of dealing with the symptoms that accompany addiction. Some people have success treating fixes with addiction counseling. Ultimately, it is interaction with other people that help people transition from a current to former addict.

Once the recovery process is initiated, you’ll experience less fear and anxiety, and become better connected with people. Most importantly, you’ll have more control over your life, your mind and your body.

Face life and enjoy all that comes with it, rather than numbing your pain. You’ll feel more alive once you’re better connected to others through addiction counseling.

Hope. Heal. Connect.

With Addiction Counseling that's Focused on Results
On the other side of our time together, our goal is for you to experience:

Reduction in Craving to Numb Pain

Are able to face and enjoy your life

Feel more alive & connected with life

Better, more connected relationships

More in control of your life

End Result:

a more fulfilling, enjoyable life

The end result is to help you make step by step changes that result in a more fulfilling, enjoyable life.

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